(1) Show Me Websites is a sole proprietorship operating in the State of Missouri, County of Marion, and shall operate within its laws and jurisdiction. (2) Show Me Websites shall maintain ownership of the client’s domain names as collateral in the event an account should become sixty (60) days past due in their annual renewal fee of four hundred and eight ($408.00 USD) dollars for non-payment. (3) Show Me Websites shall reserve the right to resell domain names to recover the loss from closed accounts for non-payment. (4) Clients shall hold harmless and release all gross liability for any loss of content/data in the event of including, but not limited to, power outages, server hacking, code corruption from updates, and any acts of data loss that are outside of the control of Show Me Websites. (5) Clients shall submit payments for Annual Basic Package within the month of January in the calendar year; failure to make a payment on an account will result in the notification of past-due accounts and further actions to be taken. (6) If the client wishes to close their account, a fifty ($50.00) dollar closure fee shall be applied to shut down the hosting service and transfer the domain to the new server/ownership of the client. Failure to produce the closure fee shall result in the seizure of the domain to recover any loss by Show Me Websites. (7) Show Me Websites enters into and agrees to the above terms of service automatically upon receiving funds for new clients and annual renewals. (8) Show Me Websites reserves the right to amend, cancel and replace terms of service at any time for any reason without notification to clients, and shall take immediate effect upon publication on the website www.showmewebsites.com


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