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Simple websites are the key to maintaining high traffic and return customers. People who visit your website want access to information quickly and conveniently, and this is how we have maintained our client base, helping you save time and money through flexibility and simplicity.


2010 – Studying to be a minister for the Foursquare Church, John Paul took on a part-time project designing a website for a golf course in Palm Springs, California, called Bel Air Greens, alongside his project partner Brandon Eickmeier. After the success of his first website, he contacted Business Owner Gary Scully of Precision Ultrasound and designed a new website for their mobile health screening company.

2011 – John Paul moves to Incheon, South Korea, to start his first missionary vocation as an ESL teacher and English Pastor at Shin-Hyun Methodist Church under Senior Pastor John Kim. While maintaining his two client’s websites in South Korea, he discovered that this could lead to a lucrative path into self-employment.

2012 – Show Me Websites establishes new servers and a base of operations in America’s Hometown of Hannibal, Missouri, the boyhood home of world-renowned writer Mark Twain. John Paul expands his client base in the Coachella Valley, California, while operating out of the State of Missouri. Show Me Websites offers client support in website development, hosting, domains, and computer troubleshooting for residential and commercial clients.

2019 – Show Me Websites expands its package offerings to include free SSL Certificates for all its clients to offer security and reliability to its internet traffic visiting customers and increases its package fees to compensate for inflation. The self-proprietorship/home business added three independent contractors to help support John Paul with the sudden influx of customer demand from regional advertising.

2020 – The Coronavirus Pandemic forces independent contractor furloughs and sees several clients leave our base due to business closures and lockdown restrictions, driving our revenue down to seek Disaster Relief Loans to maintain our expenditures.


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